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The Best New Jersey Online Casinos

New Jersey online casinos are 100% safe, secure, and legal, with more games, lower limits, and better odds. With our exclusive bonus codes, you can start with up to $20 absolutely FREE! Ready to play? Check out our expert-ranked list of the best New Jersey online casinos below.

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    Betfair Casino

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    FanDuel Sportsbook

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New Jersey Online Gambling: The Story

The state of New Jersey made history by becoming the first state in the US to officially legalize and regulate online gambling casinos on Feb. 26, 2013. Since their inception, New Jersey online casinos have grown at a rapid pace and have added a huge variety of games to their gambling sites.

Fast forward to today: with almost two dozen NJ online gambling sites, it’s evident that the online gambling industry has been thriving and growing in the state of New Jersey, which in turn has inspired other states like Delaware and Nevada to start their own online gambling casinos.

Each one of New Jersey’s online gambling casinos is tightly affiliated, moderated, and regulated by the Atlantic City casinos and are also regulated by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement to ensure the safety and fairness for their players.

After a rough time with their land-based casinos, New Jersey saw a sharp decline in gambling revenues and needed a quick change to their gambling industry in order to keep up with other east coast gambling states. The truth of the matter is, online gambling in Atlantic City has revamped and jump-started the gambling industry in New Jersey and has helped the state see revenues it hasn’t seen in a long time.

If you’re looking to sign up to New Jersey online gambling casinos, you must be at least 21 years old and you must be inside the state of New Jersey. Because gambling is illegal in most places outside of New Jersey, the law still applies to online gambling as well. You don’t need to be a resident of New Jersey as long as you’re visiting the state. New Jersey online gambling is fun, fast-paced and safe—if you’re 21 and are in Jersey, consider yourself lucky!

Online Gambling Laws & Regulations

New Jersey online casino sites are on a leash that’s as tight as any other real casino—if anything, it’s even tighter. The NJ online casinos are overseen by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (NJDGE).

The New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement requires each gambling site to have a valid Internet Gaming Permit. Each site must allow the NJDGE to audit all their games and systems, and ensure that every player is indeed located in the state of New Jersey if they’re gambling with real money. The NJDGE also ensures that each online casino follows the law that forbids anyone under the age of 21 to gamble on their websites, and that the casinos pay their due taxes on gaming revenues. Lastly, the NJDGE has complete financial auditing of all funds exchanged in the online casinos.

Why the Tight Regulations?

The primary purpose of online gambling in New Jersey is to generate revenues that will be brought back to the state. The gambling industry has always generated enough capital in taxes to be useful and important to the economy of the state. As such, it’s important for the state to keep a tight grip and make sure every online casino site is operating according to strictly-enforced standards.

As mentioned in the story portion of how New Jersey online casinos came about, these online gambling websites have been nothing but helpful for the brick and mortar gambling establishments in Atlantic City. Some people might assume that online gambling sites are ruining business for land-based casinos, but in reality, they are saving it. New Jersey online gambling has brought back the gambling industry in New Jersey after decades of being crushed by other east coast states.

Lastly—and most importantly—the tight regulation of New Jersey’s online gambling sites is in place to ensure the safety of you, the customer. Doing anything online that involves money can be scary for a lot of Americans, and the New Jersey gambling laws make sure that any and all information you put online is secure and guarded by the best security they can offer.

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