MLB Betting Odds

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If you’re interested in betting on Major League Baseball, you’ve come to the right place! Below you’ll find the latest odds for your favorite MLB teams and players.

MLB Bet Types

Before placing your first bet, there are a few things you should know first. For example, what is a moneyline bet? How to read MLB odds? What are over/under bets? How does betting on baseball work? Take a look at our in-depth explanations on how to bet on the MLB.

MLB Moneyline Betting

Think of a moneyline bet as a straight-up wager on the outcome of a baseball game. If you think the Yankees are going to beat Oakland in tonight’s game, you can go ahead and place a $100 bet on them at +115 odds, meaning that you’ll win $115 if they do win.

The moneyline is shown as a number with negative or positive signs in front of it. Positive numbers mean that the team is the underdog and has a higher risk of losing, while negative numbers mean that the team is the favorite with less risk of losing.

MLB Run Line Betting

With the run line bet you’re wagering on how many runs you think a team will win by. You’ll always have a chance to push a run line bet. It’s important to note that with this type of betting it’s possible for the game to end in a tie after 9 innings. So, if you think a team will lose by 3-5 runs and they tie the game at 8-8 after nine innings, you’ll still get your money back because it’s considered a push.

Betting on the First Five Innings

Betting has never been easier. First Five Innings is a revolutionary new way to bet on baseball games. You can bet on the top five innings of a game, which means that you don’t need to stay up all night waiting for the final score update.

MLB Futures

If you place a futures bet, you are betting on the team who you think will win the championship. For example, if you bet $100 on the Yankees with +2000 odds to win the World Series, this means you will win $2,000 if they win the championship. Your goal is to bet before the season starts and hope to hit it big at the end.

Live MLB Betting

Watch the game, place your bet and get instant updates. Live betting is the hottest trend in online betting. In-play betting is all about not missing out on the action. Place a bet on who will come up to bat and you’ll get an instant payout if they score or reach base.

Betting On The Totals (Over/Under)

MLB Totals makes it easy to place a bet on the combined score of any MLB game. Don’t just guess who will win, but rather what the total score will be. MLB totals offer a unique way to make an educated bet on the game’s final outcome!

Base Bets

Base bets are a more customizable type of wager. They concentrate on specific issues and may include a number of different predictions. This could be how many times a player gets X hits, how many times he gets run, or how many home runs or hits he gets. It also takes into account what is known as futures betting, which can include the World Series winner, the Pennant League champion, and the MLB MVP.


When it comes to baseball betting, there are numerous options available, as well as many recommendations that can help make the experience more rewarding. There is very little knowledge that can assist generate more accurate predictions for the 2022 MLB season, from avoiding large favorites to focusing on division failures to knowing the weather and referees. Baseball is a popular sport among sports bettors since it has so many games. Betting on the game is another option for fans to boost the degree of entertainment.